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Headline Phrao Nonprofit Seeking Talented Translator  
     Category Jobs (Others)
     Date 07:56 8-Mar-2013  
     City / Location Phrao, Chiang Mai, Thailand  
     Description      How to Apply
To apply for this position, please email your resume and a brief cover letter to

Translator will work at the Warm Heart Office, which is located next to the Warm Heart Childrens Home in Bahn Hui Sai. T.Mae Pang, 20 km south of Phrao. Some travel in and around Phrao District will be required.

Job Description
The Translator will be responsible for:
Assisting with official Warm Heart documents for Board and government, employee handbooks, and marketing materials
Assisting with Visa and Work Permit paperwork
Assisting with conversations with both staff and members of the community
Periodic reporting requirements for weekly status reports, and monthly, quarterly, and annual reports for Board

Specific Requirements for this position
Thai national
Proficient in written and spoken English
University degree or comparable experience
Three years of professional experience preferred
Able to conduct himself/herself in a highly professional manner in the office and outside the office
Willing to work both in the office and in the field
Excellent self-presentation and self-confidence
Able to work easily with foreigners and senior officials
Able to represent Warm Heart effectively at meetings at the Tambon and Ampue and in Chiang Mai
Able to take personal initiative and to problem solve
Commitment to completing tasks on time, as specified and at the highest level of quality

General Requirements for all Positions

Basic professional skills
You will be briefed and coached about proper office behavior. In the simplest terms, however, we expect you always no matter where you are or what time of day it is to behave in a way that represents Warm Heart as a professional, responsible and caring organization. You will always dress properly and modestly, arrive at work on time, work while you are at work, use the internet only for work during work hours, and conduct no personal business at the office. You will learn about the mission and programs of Warm Heart, about what Warm Heart has done in the past and is going to do in the future. You will take responsibility for your job and do it without having to be asked; you will also observe everyone else in the office and if they need help you will help. We are one organization and every one of us is equally responsible for everything we do.

Time Commitment
Full-time position during normal day-time working hours. Some evening and weekend work may be needed as required to support volunteers.

About Warm Heart
Warm Heart is a grassroots organization that empowers Phrao villages through community-based initiatives that foster equal educational access and create economic opportunities that provide jobs and sustainable income to those in need.
Warm Hearts mission is to level the playing field and help people help themselves. We provide access to and improve education, basic services, and economic opportunitieshelping communities to achieve sustainability.

Why work at Warm Heart?
So why work at Warm Heart?
You will make a real difference in the community where you live and work. You will launch a productive, self-sustaining virtuous cycle that promotes individual development, community and cultural regeneration, and economic growth through entrepreneurship.
If you are an experienced professional, you will find Warm Heart a relaxed and friendly place to work where you can use your professional knowledge and skills to improve the lives of others, Phrao and the nation.
If you are a recent university graduate, you will acquire professional skills that cannot be taught in the classroom or in other positions. Every employer survey shows the same thing: companies think that their new employees are unprepared for professional positions, especially for those that require interactions with foreigners. Warm Heart is a university of this stuff; you will gain cross-cultural, multi-lingual teamwork and management skills.
You will have the opportunity to partner with foreign workers and develop the ability to speak English.
At Warm Heart, you are your own boss. Unlike other employers, Warm Heart allows you to own your own work and create programs that you believe will be most effective.

Salary (depends on qualifications)
Includes social benefits

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